Friday, June 26, 2009

Beneath the Surface

Kevin Reed and Brian Lynch
Composed by Kevin Reed and Brian Lynch

Right from the start, I'll let you know that my life is stressful
So everything that i write with my pencil is right from my heart
Spit right to the life's what i speak

Long days and cold nights follow
They said the sun would come out tomorrow
But it didn't...another cloudy day
Work with no pay I'm gonna start play lotto (real talk man)

And I don't need 2 million (nah)
I just wanna provide for two children
Gotta house back home in the states that I want
But I couldn't get the loan from the bank (from the bank)

So what's a man to do
Seems like I'm caught up in the catch twenty two
Twenty two time flies so fast seems like yesterday I was just twenty two

Now my son's getting older
Feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders
how can I be a soldier
Allergic to snakes surrounded by cobras (it's hard)

All that glitters ain't gold...all that shines isn't diamonds
All that glitters ain't gold...that shines isn't diamonds
N diamonds

It's not as easy as it seems
B never let go of your dreams

Now what should I do
Do you have any clue what your boy has been through (you don't know)
Step behind the scenes and try to walk a mile in my size fifteen's (it ain't easy Man)

It's not easy to do this
But God is my guide and He's leading me through this (and it's not easy)
Dudes I was cool with
Thought they were friends in the end they were Judas

But you live and you learn
You don't always get what you give in return like (you live and you learn)
I gave you all real and you all gave fake back
I gave you all love and you all gave hate back

But I'm over it...the phoniness is so high school I'm to grown for this
There's moves to be made
Bills to be paid
Family to feed
Children to raise

Everything that glitters ain't gold Man
It's not easy as it seems but never let go of your dreams
Everything that shines ain't diamonds Kid
It's an uphill roll man
But regardless I'm gonna keep climbing it

All that glitters ain't gold...all that shines isn't diamonds
All that glitters ain't gold...all that shines isn't diamonds

It's not as easy as it seems
But never let go of your dreams
Don't ever let go

Take it home...K reed

I just wanna make this clear
This for all those who said I wouldn't make it here
I persevered...I kept my head up
I never give up...fall down you get up

I came to far to turn
I can write a book about the things that I learned
Never let the things you facin'
Interfere with the dreams you chasin'

A wise man told me to just be patient
Good things come if you just keep waitin'
But the clock is racin' and I feel like
My backs against the wall but I still fight
Have you any idea what my fear's like
Sort of like a nightmare but it's real life

And all that shines ain't diamonds

Ya itu lirik lagu Beneath the Surface-nya Kevin Reed sama Brian Lynch yang gue ceritain kemaren. Kalo pengen denger lagunya, silakan mampir ke sini.

Oh ya, kemaren gua nonton Wimbly. Federer lawan...orang Jerman, lupa gue namanya. FedEx menang tiga set langsung. Terus S. Williams lawan Roberta Vinci *apanya Leonardo da Vinci?* 6 - 3, 6 - 4. Padahal Vinci lumayan bagus lo mainnya kalo kata gue. Tapi ya...namanya juga S. Williams. Terus Hantuchova lawan Ai Sugiyama, yang menang Hantuchova. Wah pertandingan seru nih, soalnya selain keduanya main bagus, mereka berdua itu sebenernya pasangan ganda yang lumayan jago. Jadi...ya, bisa dikira-kira kan jadinya kayak gimana pertandingannya? Kalo gabisa, bayangin aja Markis Kido main sendirian lawan Hendra Setiawan.

Oh ya, iseng kemaren gue buka situs resminya Ana Ivanovic. Kan di sana ada Ask Ana, jadinya udah deh gue iseng nanya kayak gini:

"Dear Miss Ivanovic. My father is a huge fan of yours--he collects a bunch of your pictures in his computer. By the way, I'm fourteen and I really want to start playing tennis. Am I too late? Because I read on the internet that a lot of tennis players started playing in very young ages. Thanks."

Ya gitu gue nanyanya...iseng aja, lagian kayaknya Ivanovic orangnya ramah. Cuma belom dijawab nih, paling ntar gue ngecek situsnya lagi. Wajar sih kalo dijawabnya lama, wong lagi Wimbly kayak gini, pasti sibuk lah.

Ntar kayaknya gue mau nanya lagi ke Masha...kan di sini juga ada Ask Maria. Hemm, paling gue mau nanya dua pertanyaan. Kira-kira mungkin kayak gini ya:

"Dear Miss Sharapova, I'm from Indonesia and I'm a big fan of yours. By the way, I'm fourteen and I really want to start playing tennis after I saw you in the 2009 Roland Garros. Am I too late? Because a WTA player said in her website that fourteen was too late. Second, have you ever thought about starting a family in a young age? Thanks."

Satu hal yang gue takutin: tense-nya ancur! Malu gua kalo kayak gitu! Iya sih Miss Mel bilang kalo dalam percakapan, orang gak perhatiin tense kita, cuma kan ya malu kalo tense-nya salah begitu.

Hemm...soal a WTA player said in her website that fourteen was too late itu gausah gue bilang deh siapa. Ntar lo juga tau.

Kalo pertanyaan kedua itu, bener-bener sekedar iseng saja. Kayaknya agak lucu aja kalo nanya begini, hehehe.

Ah, ntar gue coba browsing situs pemain WTA atau ATP yang lain, coba aja gue nanya. Abisnya gue serius nih, pengen nyoba tenis. Terserah lu mau ketawa atau gimana. Daripada gue nanya ke orangtua (dan jelas-jelas bakal diketawain), mendingan langsung nanya ke profesional. Such a good idea, isn't it?

Hmm, ya udah, gua nonton siaran ulang Wimbly dulu nih.


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